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FBI Food Group knows the opportunities in the world of international food distribution are limitless.


We can add significant value by offering our partners in both origin and destination markets an efficient global network to consistently fulfill the export or product procurement needs. To expand our network we are working diligently to gain a credible presence in all important production areas and to enhance our distribution capabilities around the globe.


Today, from our early beginnings as a major EU importer of Thai poultry, FBI Food Group is evolving into a major player in the global food business. We have sales in Europe, West-Africa, FSU markets, and Asia.  

To further diversify the product mix we have added the ability to source different kinds of proteins as well.


Our vision is to become a diversified in-country food distributor anywhere FBI Food Group operates. That vision implies we provide our suppliers, located either in Asia, North or South America or Europe, with credible export platforms and options that consistently allow us to perform on volume, return and reliability.

Whether our customers buy products from us in Hamburg or Shanghai; whether they buy from us DDP, and pay in local currency, our customers know they can rely on FBI Food Group to safeguard their product needs and profit margins.


FBI Food Group believes that providing long-term value is possible only when enduring relationships are built. This is possible only when risks affecting all parties are managed well. At FBI Food Group, we are confident that we can deliver on all these different challenges of the global food business.


One of FBI Food Group’s leading principles is the creation of a global network through partners and alliances.


FBI Foodgroup services the customers in the United Kingdom as one of our main selling markets in Europe for further processed products, directly from the London office. Our talented sales team delivers products from local warehouses into industry-, foodservice-, wholesale- and local distributors in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Since 2007, located in Qingdao China, we’ve thoroughly established our sourcing and quality control office. This office is a 100% FBI Food Group daughter, operating under the name of Agri Industries China.


Our food technologists from this office provide full-time QC and monitor the full process of all production at site.


Agri industries China Ltd. will be able to assist your company when sourcing Chinese origine product for several destinations. At this moment AIC is actively guiding production of Poultry, Seafood as well as dehydrated spices. Please be in touch for more detailed information.


FBI Food Group continues to expand its partnerships worldwide to create a competitive advantage. We are focused on building our business through participation, either in equity or otherwise value-added constructions, to share information, opportunities, profit margins and risks.




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