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Our vision is to become a diversified in-country food distributor anywhere FBI Food Group operates. That vision implies we provide our suppliers, located either in North or South America, Europe or Asia, with credible export platforms and options that consistently allow us to perform on volume, return and reliability.

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We are building a world-class global food services company. FBI Food Group is a major global supplier of both raw and processed poultry products with an ever-expanding range of value-added products.  Our main focus is on frozen foods servicing customers in Food Service, Retail, Food Industry and Wholesale. With our in-depth market and supply chain knowledge and quality control at origin, we are in an excellent position to offer you high-quality products at competitive prices backed by the best customer service.

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FBI Food Group’s core business is frozen poultry. We actively source a large variety of chicken, turkey and duck products – raw and steam cooked – from quality suppliers in North and South America, Europa and Asia.

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